About us

A childrens binder will be sent with every nanny,

Which includes the following - 


Baby daily schedule

Cleaning schedule

Activities for relevant ages 0-7years

Emergency contact details log

Medicine log

Special notes and requirements


Each Lady has gone through basic knowledge training with us and is well aware of the do's and don'ts eg. No kissing on the lips , washing hands before handling the baby , how to use a baby monitor , SIDS etc


A contract will be signed between the family and the lady appointed which we will require a copy of.


Please read through the contract carefully and be sure to take note of what is required whilst interviewing your lady.


Mary Pop'ins will not be held accountable for anything discussed and mentioned out of this contract and agreement.


Salaries and payment methods are to be discussed confidentially between Employer and Employees.


We do suggest registering your lady with the UIF for CCMA benefits (instructions will be sent)

Contract between Employer and Mary Pop'ins must be signed and returned with the proof of payment before we begin the placement process.


Please note that all institutes have been contacted to confirm that the lady has infact attended and completed the course. 


Please feel free to contact us at any given time should you require more detailed information and we will be happy to assist