Terms and conditions

Mary Pop'ins ask that ladies traveling by public transport, to be reimbursed for their traveling expenses,

Rates - R40

We suggest at least a 1 day trial period to see how the nanny integrates with your family and how you relate to each other.

The registration fee covers 6 interviews and 6 trial days.  R100 is charged for additional trial days.

Mary Pop'ins offers a full replacement guarantee ( see package details) after placement fee. Failure to pay on the due date will render the guarantee void.

Replacement, If the nanny referred by Mary Pop'ins leaves with period of selected package from starting date, Mary Pop'ins will replace the same position free of charge. No reimbursement of fee.

All requests for replacements must be made in writing to Mary Pop'ins within 7 days of the last date of employment or before the guarantee is up, from start of employment. The client must specify the date the original nanny placed actually left, or will leave the client’s employment.
The client has a 4 week grace period from the time the replacement request is made in writing to proceed with the replacement using Mary Pop'ins.
Mary Pop'ins will replace the nanny at the equivalent salary. If the replacement nanny’s salary is higher than the original nanny’s salary, the client will be liable to pay the difference of the placement fee.

Mary Pop'ins will provide you with all relevant contracts and paperwork for your nanny’s employment.

Please note that the nannies are free agents until they start a trial service with a potential employer.

This means we may send a nanny for more than one interview at a time. We work on a first come, first serve basis. If we are in a situation where two potential employers are wanting to hire the same nanny, Mary Pop'ins encourages the nanny to make the final decision.


Please note thay our services only include placements of Nanny's / Domestic Workers ,once you have agreed upon a worker and the contract has been signed between Employer and Employee our services and responsibilities fall away.